About Fitstop; Fit Model Agency, London

Who we are and what we do

Formerly trading for over seven years as the highly successful fit model agency Fitbirds, Fitstop.co is the rebranding of Vicky Frampton’s time and effort spent building relationships with a vast amount of fit models and garment procurement professionals within the fit modelling industry. With an extensive portfolio of major clients and professional fit models combined with fresh marketing and a team of industry professionals, we aim to be your one stop shop for all your fitting needs.

Here at Fitstop we are proud of our reputation among the biggest brands on the High St of performing service excellence in providing a fast response, quality fit models and the ability to provide bespoke model castings whilst maintaining a professional yet personable contact with our clients and models.
With over ten years of experience in the industry, our team has a wealth of first-hand experience as Fit Models, Employment Agency and Garment Procurement professionals giving us the edge in understanding the needs of a busy fit room and placing the perfect candidate fit model.
We use an array of media to aid us in finding the latest talent including the use of our covert ground agents who are all trained in the dark art of talent spotting! This combined with regular castings for our portfolio of fitting models and our bespoke model casting service allows us to outperform our competitors when it counts.

To book a fit model or to find out more about becoming a fit model, click the relative links above or simply contact us for a chat.

This is a small representation of our models and does not reflect the vast amount of girls and boys we have available!

Company Registration Number: 07446965